Another patch on the experimental branch today.
Getting close to releasing it onto the main branch, but would like to improve Dilophosaurus' movement further before it goes to main.

Highlights of this patch are an update to the landscape that should make performance more uniform across the map, the addition of trilobites, and trust gaining mechanics to get juvie AI to pack with you (instructions below).

Here's all the changes, feedback welcome!


  • Juvie AI can now be packed if you gain their trust. Current implementation is intended like this:
  1. Drop food when near them
  2. Friendly call to invite them over to eat the food
  3. Threaten to reject
  4. Invite once the food has been eaten
  • Trilobites have arrived on the island! They can be found on the beach and make for a good snack.


  • Adjusted map landscape, should yield more uniform performance.
    Note that as a side effect of this change, we still need to do more touch-up still of the landscape blends with detail meshes.
  • Adjusted various landscape mesh holes
  • Removed collision from moss around swamp
  • Adjusted reed spawns around swamp, cloud rainforest lake, and large alpine lake
  • Improved waterfall look, smearing during rendering is also a bit better but still needs to be fully fixed.
  • Added another waterfall and small rivers at the cloudrainforest lake. We're still updating the textures and foliage in these areas.

⚠️ Heads up: collision with it is also a bit wonk, planned to be fixed shortly.

  • Updated sound at waterfalls
  • Updated water and lilies at cloud rainforest
  • Swamp now spawns random geyser effects


  • Adjusted brightness of fog at beach level


  • Fixed a bug where lower cloud settings would draw through the world
  • Fixed black squares rendering over water in some places
  • Fixed ocean rendering holes at large distance
  • AI that considers you a threat no longer allows packing.
  • Player's adult animals can now pack with older animals past adult.