0.9.5 is now out!

This patch features various polish, and more ambient AI to liven up the world.

⚠️ There's also lot of fundamental changes to underlying systems with this patch, as well as a lighting overhaul. Feedback here is welcome, there will almost certainly need to be more tweaking and bugfixing done.

Known issues under investigation:

  • During certain lighting conditions the water can seem bright/glowing.
  • Day/night transition seems to currently be very fast.
  • Certain footstep particles are overly bright at night.


  • Further improvements to landscape rendering fidelity.
  • Increased beach scatter variety.


More ambient AI!

  • Various birds and small critters have been added to the game. Further polish to make their movements and behaviour more natural and dynamic planned. Check out the cloud lake forest!
  • Frogs now have a physical presence in the world. Their swimming still needs to be added, for now you can find them on some of the swamp islands and cloud lake shores.


  • Better fog scattering.


  • Large overhaul, more refinement necessary. Feedback welcome.


  • Fixed popping snow ground effect.
  • Team members no longer show up as food.
  • Adjusted Allo fall damage.
  • Tweaked some of the grass foliage interaction to be less extreme.


  • Improved CPU performance.
  • Improved VRAM usage.


  • Improved movement rotation of ambient ai to look more natural.


  • Updated to UE 5.3.2.