0.9.4 is out!


  • Added foliage tinting during snow, still needs to be excluded below water, WIP.
  • Experimental: Added NVIDIA Framegen (Requires 40 series GPU, DX12, and hardware accelerated gpu scheduling to be on). Reminder that DX12 can be a bit finnicky, especially if you're on older hardware or have limited VRAM.


  • Improved landscape texture separation/detailing.
  • Greatly improved quality of landscape texture rendering.
  • Tweaked paths and layout cloud rainforest biome.
  • Tweaked paths and layout lower desert.
  • Increased ambient audio variety in jungles.
  • Improved blending between meshes and landscapes.
  • Did a pass on cleaning the mesh holes in the desert, where landscape meets the cliffs/rocks. More work to be done here, this area got a bit screwed up when we upgraded the landscape.


  • Removed distant impostor fog particles from swamp and cloud rainforest, were too much of a drain on performance. Regular HQ fog is still there, these are just individual particles that were shown at a distance. Replaced with a fog volume


  • Fixed ambient AI not animating.
  • Fixed ambient AI staying stuck in place and not moving.
  • Fixed various spawn locations.
  • Fixed menu requiring confirmation even though no settings were changed.
  • Fixed overly-dark cliffs in shadows.