Isles of Yore is a multiplayer simulator that aims to make you experience what it was like to go through life as a prehistoric animal.


Claim your domain with an animal of your choosing in an environment that best suits your needs—dense jungle, treacherous swamps, and the wide open areas of the island all offer unique advantages and challenges. Compete with other players and AI in a bid for supremacy and survival in the food chain.

Gameplay centers around raising and taking care of the animal you've chosen. Balancing your thirst, hunger, and stamina are vital day-to-day concerns as you explore the rich environment around you alone or in a pack of friends.

The initial batch of animals selectable for play will center around small to medium sized theropod dinosaurs like Coelophysis, with a plethora of AI driven characters inhabiting and stalking the land around you. The first early access release kicks-off with one playable animal, Coelophysis. Future updates will flesh out this roster further, with larger animals and aquatic biomes both planned and in the works.

A dynamic world

The game is set on a large, diverse island with its own day/night cycle and highly variable weather. Fog, snow, and storms may reduce your vision as you navigate through the world. Or, if you're lucky, you might be able to enjoy the aurora on a clear night's sky.

Animals can be seen roaming the island, with carnivore AI hunting for their meals—make sure you don't end up on the menu! A big goal of the project going forward is to build on the initial AI systems, such as by expanding the herbivore AI and generally making the animals feel more true to life with behaviour that uniquely suits them.

A labour of love

Isles of Yore is a passion project started from a place of admiration for the awe-inspiring history of life on our planet. The path forged by games in the survival genre offers a uniquely visceral, tantalising glimpse into this strange and wondrous past, and the project intends to build on this formula with special care to highlight the uniqueness of the animals that came before us.


Your feedback is most welcome in the Discord to help drive development.