New patch is out!

There's a large movement overhaul for all the playable animals in this patch, details below. Feedback welcome, in case something broke let us know.

Dilophosaurus and Sarcosuchus also got customisation with this patch. If you previously had one of these characters on the servers, you'll end up with an incorrect skin until you restart. Roll a new character in that case.


  • This patch includes the next step in adopting the new movement system. All playable animals have now been moved to their new configuration. This change opens a lot of doors for the game, but more work to polish the new locomotion is needed. There's a few intermediate downsides. Firstly, gliding has been affected somewhat in terms of fidelity but still exist as a mechanic. Secondly, vaulting sadly has been disabled with this patch, pending a rework. More work on all of this is planned.
  • Added a dash mechanic that increases speed while decreasing maneuverability, default input key is X. Deinonychus can combine this with gliding to dive through the air (make sure to release before landing).
  • Added customisation for Dilophosaurus.
  • Added customisation for Sarcosuchus.


  • Opened up a new trail from redwoods to swamp.
  • Adjusted various trail textures, should stand out more.
  • Added wooden shelters to escape adverse weather conditions.
  • Added small trail lighting to the main trails. These have distinct colours and represent routes across the island. The goal is for this to be a tasteful in-world guide to help navigate the island, feedback on appearance and spacing/locations welcome.


  • Rendering performance improvements.
  • Server performance improvements.


  • Slightly shrank Parasaurolophus to correct size.
  • Slightly grew Dilophosaurus to correct size.
  • Added breath particles during cold temperatures.
  • In order to make room for the expanding roster and make species selection easier, swapped out the species selector for a simple list. More UI work pending.
  • Adjusted footstep sound, check your audio settings in case you want to tweak them.
  • Reduced volume of windgusts.
  • Lighting tweaks for Clear Skies and Partly Cloudy to make the shadows less dark, there's more work on this to be done.


  • Buffed Dilophosaurus attacks.


  • Various swimming bugfixes. Please note that in some areas you might visibly be a little bit below the surface, especially as a juvie animal. This doesn't end up hurting you, it's a mismatch between the rendering of the water surface and the top of the swimming height. We want to clean that up in the future.
  • General movement logic & animation tweaks.
  • Fixed audio settings not persisting.
  • Fixed various pickup bugs.
  • Fixed some pickup animations sliding during movement.
  • Fixed frog not dropping to ground properly.
  • Reworked corpse pickup and fixed various associated bugs.
  • Fixed brightness and scaling of various particles.
  • Tweaked allosaurus aiming blend snap.
  • Fixed overly bright light during character customisation.
  • Fixed PBR issue with character skins, should look less flat now.
  • Fixed certain areas of the landscape rendering as near pure black.