0.8.0-b1 is now live on the experimental branch!

This is the first in a series of beta patches that focusses on the new movement system. We're deploying the first beta patch onto the experimental branch so we make sure we fix any really important issues that might come up, and soon iterate further on the live branch directly.

Feedback on issues and improvement suggestions would be very welcome!

Keep in mind that the patch now out is a rough preview of the movement and more work remains before it's deemed satisfactory.


  • New playable and early look at new movement system: Dilophosaurus. Expect the animal to not be fully featured yet on initial introduction, its main current goal is to be the dedicated testbed for the character/movement overhaul. Other animals currently still have the old system.
  • AI can now be packed with. Invite them by walking up to them, and hitting the invite button that pops up. AI will not pack if already in a team, or if they are below your growth stage.
  • Packed AI can be commanded through the radial menu to follow, roam, guard, or to change their stance, check out the options available!


  • Turn in place has been removed. It didn't work out the way we'd hoped and became too buggy to support. As movement is being completely rewritten, might come back at some point or in a different form.


  • Added a waterfall to the prairie. Rendering still needs some tweaking, early look.


  • Fixed a bug where meat-chunk couldn't be swallowed
  • Various fixes for edge cases where character creation would show the wrong material
  • Speculative fix for the server restart leaving the selection overlay visible on disconnection
  • Fixed an edgecase where nest placement failed
  • Fixed ocean waves not curling at the coastline