0.7.11 is now out!

More bugfixes and polish for this one.

Quick update on the couple of hotspots where performance still dips on the map:
We've debugged the most expensive tiles on the landscape and are reducing complexity to improve performance. The changes aren't in this patch yet, but coming soon.


  • If you initiate Deinonychus' glide too late, and subsequently gain too much speed, it's now more important to press the spacebar to flap and reduce your speed.
  • Allowed placing nests on sand. Desert now has some flowers in the foliage fields.


  • Fixed a crash on placing nest
  • Fixed nest placement preview colour not matching the placement validity
  • Fixed a bug that would under some circumstances cause deinonychus to die on landing impact while gliding (mind the fact that if you go too fast, you can still take damage, flap to reduce speed)
  • Fixed fall animation on Deinonychus being a run animation if not jumped
  • Fixed foot sliding on Parasaurolophus


  • Added action hint while gliding