0.7.10 is live!

Highlight of this patch is a polish pass for Parasaurolophus' locomotion.
Changing stance can now be done with a separate key, default 'Y'.
This also means sprinting can now also be done in quadrupedal stance. Another implication is that para can now tail swipe while sprinting when on all fours, which should help with combat viability.

Further, trot has been slightly reworked to allow going to trot by double tapping the reduce speed (slow walk) key.

Lastly, we've moved the game to UE 5.2 with this build, let us know if any funny business pops up.


  • Parasaurolophus can now change stance with a dedicated key instead (default Y)
  • Trot can now also activate by double tapping the reduce speed (slow walk) key.


  • Reduced fall damage for Deinonychus, will be looking at the other animals shortly
  • Slightly increased regular walking speed for adult/elder/ancient Parasaurolophus and Allosaurus
  • Slightly increased slow walk speed


  • Further gamethread performance improvements


  • Migrated game to UE 5.2
  • For admins: yeet button changed to numpad *


  • Fixed a bug where character would jitter on initial spawn
  • Fixed various mesh collisions not loading in around the edges of the map
  • Fixed a bug where logging back on after a non-safe log off caused the animations to be stuck