This patch focusses mainly on performance improvements and stability, with significant improvements to server performance, as well as rendering performance improvements on the client in problematic spots on the map.

PSA - herbi food issues:

I want to just call out that next we're looking at fixing the herbi food issues that came up. Couldn't get it done in time for this patch and didn't want to postpone it further.
Expect an update on this shortly.


  • Added an option in controls to disable the "release key to cancel call" mechanic. When turned off, calls are just simple one shot taps.
  • Added an option in the interface section to force needs and stats like health/hunger/stamina to always be on screen instead of hidden when satiated.


  • Fixed various cliff mesh holes.


  • Rendering performance improvements. The various spots around the map where framerate dipped should be smoother now.
  • Client and server gamethread performance improvements. I made some fairly impactful changes to some of the core systems, but rolling them out piecemeal. Send a heads up if something unexpected breaks.


  • Further adjusted an optimisation that was causing rendering artifacts on water


  • Adjusted collision box for ai to prevent bouncing off their tails as much
  • Adjusted the server shutdown message to be more clear in case of reboot due to performance issues