This patch smooths out herbivore feeding to sort out the issues reported recently. We're continuing to refine this, but Parasaurolophus should already be much more viable now.
More feedback on this is welcome.

The edible foliage in the alpine areas is still a bit hard to spot, we'll be adjusting that in a separate patch.

Further, the scent trail points in the direction of a general area of the field, we'll adjust this to point to an actual plant in that area.

Herbivore food rework:

  • Increased the amount of fields on the map
  • Game will now ensure at least one field in bloom per biome, instead of across the whole map. This should make it so that there's always a field available to feed on nearby
  • Scent trails will no longer lead to a field if there isn't at least 30% of the food (total being at max growth) in the field


  • Fixed foliage smell for some fields being in the air.
  • Fixed swimming being broken.
  • Fixed packing.


  • Slightly drained the desert salt lake to make the salt cracks more apparent.
    We'll add a hint that it's not drinkable water in a future patch.
  • Further increased timespan between precipitation.