Patch 0.7.4 is out!


  • Rain/Snow now only happen max once every half hour, this should help with excessive bad weather.


  • VSync off by default, can still be turned on of course.
  • Made the lightning flash during thunder scale with the weathereffects option, performance impact should be a bit lighter on its low and medium setting.
  • Added a "very high" preset for the weather effects, rebalanced the other presets.


  • Fixed an issue where quickly skipping through characters on the character customisation menu would prevent skin types from loading.
  • Speculative fix for some character creation skin alphas sometimes not loading properly.
  • Fixed a bit of jank where character deceleration looked odd for juvie allo, caused the animation to not match the movement if you let go of movement during sprint and let the character come to a stop.
  • Fixed bug where the character snapped around when pressing the back button. The actual pivot animation is still slated to be improved.
  • Fixed a rendering issue where water rendering showed artifacts due to an optimisation. As a trade off, water rendering performance might be a bit impacted.


  • UI now disables the resolution option on fullscreen windowed to correctly communicate the behaviour of the option.
  • Added a warning to the weather effects setting that increasing it can cause performance drops especially for older hardware.