0.7.2 is now out!

All changes and notes below:


  • You can now invite people anywhere on the map, it is no longer needed to be close by.
  • Trot! The slow walk key (default "C") has been repurposed to a toggle, and having it active while sprinting reduces the sprint to a trot. Further, sprint is now a toggle unless held for 3 seconds.


  • Some optimisation for grass and small rocks. Further, the "foliage density" option now also scales render distance for the grass/rocks. If they're impacting your performance, check out the graphics setting.
  • Added a new "Weather effects" graphics option, currently used to lighten the performance impact of the rain/snow effects. Check it out if this was impacting you.
  • Fixed a config issue that forced distant fog particles on if fog cards were also on. Check your settings.


  • Further tweaks to foliagefield to improve stability
  • Fixed some issues around falling transitions for Para


  • Tweaked snow colour on landscape to be a bit less bright
  • Added back a slope exclusion mask for the snow on the landscape
  • Did a polish pass of foliage in conifer, redwoods, prairie


  • Tweaked Para broadcast and friendly call to work during movement
  • All emote calls can now also be tapped instead of held