Screenshot by Discord community member WolfFang

New day, new patch!


  • Resolved an issue where controls would lock up temporarily after an idle emote misfire.
  • Resolved an issue where messages sent to pack would show up for people not in your pack.
  • Resolved an issue where the Status menu (tab) would lose the mouse cursor
  • Added deadzones to camera aim inputs to smooth movements.
  • Added an "unstuck" button in the options menu. Use this if you got stuck, you can us it every 10 minutes to get teleported to a random location near you. If the teleport failed, you can retry immediately.


  • Fixed a few cases of termite mound spawns overlapping. Buffet's over!


  • Tweaked spawner to spread animals out a bit more. Intent here is to make it easier to run into AI across the map. This might mean that it takes a bit longer for a higher AI count to be reached, as they start to spread out, as well as having a lower actively moving and operating AI at any given time, given they are spread out more, but it should still make it easier to find them if across the map if they're not bunched up.


  • Animals in old age now correctly have more defensive stats
  • Animals in old age no longer lose max health (though speed, attack, stamina stats are still decreased)
  • Slightly reduced the drop in max stamina in old age
  • Increased max stamina adult Coelophysis

Screenshot by Discord community member Prince