Screenshot by Discord community member Prince

Patch time!


  • Added the option in the status menu (Tab) to invite people to your pack. You will still need to find them, but if you get close enough to each other, you can hone in further with the player tag that is visible above the character.

Invite button notes and current limitations:

  1. A current limitation is that you have to close enough for the other character to be loaded in for your client, before the button shows. I'll polish this out still.
  2. There's no feedback yet why you can't invite someone/button doesn't show. This might be confusing if the other person is a different species (or right now, is too far away).


  • Buffed sprint speed in old age


  • Fixed clouds ruining your spawn view when you first log onto the server.
  • Reduced breathing sound volume.
  • Fixed various cases where the chat would pop up unnecessarily.
  • Included a fix for displaying UTF-8 text (Cyrillic, other non-ANSI characters) in the server browser.
  • Fixed Brachiosaurus getting confused and thinking its stuck when you attack it and stand waiting outside his attack range, leading to a teleport.