0.9.2 is now out!

A round of polish and map changes for this patch!

Just a heads up that that we have a couple more items to fix and polish with Sarco lined up for the next patches. Further bugreports are appreciated.


  • Season and the amount of days into the season listed on the status tab to make it easier to understand why temperatures are trending one way or the other.


  • Biomes now inform which species can spawn there. This will allow us to tailor each biome more to the species that call it home, and exclude poor spawn spots for the animals. More changes for the spawn flow are planned.
  • Removed player spawns upperdesert and eastern alpine region.
  • Added spawns within swamp.


  • Fixed wetness layer on ocean.
  • Added extra rivers from alpine to swamp. The new rivers might need further polishing, collision/triggers are a bit tricky, feedback welcome.
  • Overhauled swamp with new watersetup that offers better interaction, fixed various improper collisions, and scattered more grass on the islands.


  • Added Salt Marsh biome as spawn point.
  • Improved backwards walk Sarcosuchus.
  • Added a return to spawn point selection button.
  • Tweaked fading spawn flow.
  • Reduced max brightness swamp fog.
  • Grouped raven sound with ambient UI audio setting.
  • Adjusted various collisions in swamp.
  • Tweaked damage traces for Sarcosuchus' attacks.


  • Boosted HP Sarcosuchus.


  • Significant VRAM optimisation.


  • Speculative fix for helicopter event.
  • Fixed edge-case where oxygen would not stop draining while above water.
  • Adjusted a couple player spawns that placed you in an obstacle.
  • Fixed glitches with river surface rendering.
  • Fixed packing for Sarcosuchus.
  • Fixed a bug where spawning in rivers would fail to start swimming.
  • Fixed a bug where sarco/dilo couldn't swim to surface in river.
  • Added fallbacks to handle edge-cases where swim triggers fail.