0.8.2 is now out!

This patch expands on the first ambient AI introduced in the last patches, trilobites, and adds more small animals that serve the same purpose.

All the details below:


More ambient AI! They're currently pre-placed (more randomisation planned) in various spots, listed below. Because of the pre-placement, they might be hard to spot in the world right now (tip: visit the cloud rainforest lake), which is something we still want to improve.

  1. Fireflies can now be found around lakes. These insects will come out at night and can be killed for a quick snack. They also flee from you if you get close.
  2. Lizards in jungle and deserts/prairie.
  3. Fish in lakes! Just arganodus for now.


  • Fixed bug where ambient AI sometimes wasn't visible even though it was active.


  • Fixed a couple more places of stretching around map borders.
  • Increased scatter on beach.